Sell Your Books

Our Store is OPEN for liquidation ONLY:

Wednesday through Saturday- Noon to 6pm for liquidation,

We are Closed as a bookstore

 and only selling for liquidation

till December 23rd 2016.

Cash offers by appointment

with Michael ONLY

Ask to visit our Collectors Lounge.



The simple answer is “We buy things we things we think we can sell, that we don’t have too many of.”.
We are active buyers in all subjects, ranging from individual items to entire collections.

We are especially interested in buying books on Bellingham, Whatcom County, and Washington history.
Send us a note using our contact form to receive a list of other titles, authors, and subjects we’d like to buy.
We do not buy text books .

You must have a valid photo id to sell books.

What we don’t buy

There are a few categories of books that we generally do not buy. These include encyclopedia sets, magazines, old text books, Reader’s Digest Condensed, and series romances (Harlequins & similar series). Of course there are always exceptions for specific subjects and authors, so you might want to call and ask us about these. We invite you to browse our store while we consider your books.

We invite you to bring your books in to us.

Please bring books in clean containers. Boxes are preferable. We have hand trucks available for use at the store. If you know you will need assistance in carrying boxes into the store, or if you have more than 5 boxes, please call ahead to be sure we’ll have staff available to assist you.

We welcome book scouts and volume sellers but request that you call for instructions.

We are open Sundays and Mondays noon to 5pm but not looking at or buying without appointment with Michael.

We Buy Books for trade:  Tuesday  – Saturday 10am to 5:30pm

We are not paying cash but are making all offers in booktrade at this time on items brought to the store without an apointment with Michael.

Trade credit does not have to be used the same day. If you don’t want to shop the same day, we will issue a trade card that can be redeemed later. Trade credit does not expire, but we cannot replace lost or stolen cards. Trade credit can also be turned into gift certificates for your friends at any time. However, trade cards are not redeemable for cash.

We can look at Large collections, Estate librauries, andmore desirable books for cash.

We will travel to your location in Northwest Washington and further for better collections, libraries, and estates.

Generally we will make an offer in cash for what we want to buy or double in trade.

If we offered you $10.00 in cash for a book, we’d offer $ 20.00 in trade. Trade credit does not have to be used the same day. If you don’t want to shop the same day, we will issue a trade card that can be redeemed later. Trade credit does not expire, but we cannot replace lost or stolen cards. Trade credit can also be turned into gift certificates for your friends at any time. However, trade cards are not redeemable for cash.

Market Demand

Is the book on the NYT best-sellers list? Is the book rare or collectible?

Is it just a good, salable bread and butter book (which make up most of our stock)? If so, and the below conditions are met, you may have a good seller. Please keep in mind that when you buy a new hardcover book at Costco, the market demand can be pretty high, but a few weeks (or even days) later, the market may be saturated.

Book Condition

While both hardcover and paperback books have used bookstore appeal, a marked, highlighted, tattered, dog eared book loses value fast. A paperback book loses its value if the binding is stretched or the pages are bent. To eliminate creases,use a bookmark and stop folding those pages. Don’t over-flex the binding; most paperbacks will split easily. We always prefer to buy a hardcover book with its dust jacket, but don’t let that stop you from bringing us the ones that lack them.

In-Store Stock

Our stock fluctuates depending on what is offered to us, what we buy and what we sell.

Ask us if there are any that you should bring back later.

How Much Will We Pay?

For general used books we pay up to 1/3 of used retail value depending upon desirability of the books. A book that sells for $5.95 new will may sell for around $3.00 in our store and we may offer $1.00 for it if we think it will sell quickly.

If we have other copies of it or see less demand we may offer 50 or 75 cents for it or not buy it at all.

When deciding how much we’ll pay, we always consider how long the book will stay on our shelves and how much space the given book will occupy. Anyone who’s been to our store can tell you that space is a primary concern!


“From Michael-”
We buy books in all subjects.
We buy books we think we can sell that we don’t have too many of.
Our need will fluctuate with our sales and inventory.
These are just some general and specific book wants.
To make sure you could give us a call or bring them in to the store for an offer.

Authors and titles of specific interest to us (what we’d like to buy from you)

Local History:
History of Whatcom County (Roth)
Nooksack Tales and Trails (Jeffcott)
Trail Through the Woods (Todd)
most local history titles

Science Fiction/Fantasy
Phillip K. Dick (any)
J.R.R. Tolkien (any)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Robert E. Howard
H.P. Lovecraft
Phillip Pullman
Ray Bradbury (any)
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Orson Scott Card
Douglas Adams
Brian Jacques (Redwall series)
Frank Herbert
Tanith Lee
Robert Heinlein
C.S. Lewis

Moosewood Cookbook (and others by Mollie Katzen)
The Joy of Cooking (Rombauer)
MFK Fisher
professional cooking

Must Check

foreign and local travel guides (less than 3 years old)
Civil War
Revolutionary War
World War II
Native American

General Fiction
John Steinbeck (any)
Chuck Palahniuk (any)
Nevil Shute (HC or PBK)
Jean Auel
Daina Gabaldon
Grahame Green
Kathleen & Michael Gear
Catherine Cookson
Nevil Shute
Aldous Huxley
Herman Hesse
Edward Abbey
L. Frank Baum
Kurt Vonnegut
Tom Robbins
David James Duncan
Jack London
Lewis Carroll
P G Wodehouse
Ernst Hemingway
Daniel Quinn
Jane Austen
Bronte Sisters
Annie Dillard
Ann Prachett

Beat/alternative literature
Jack Kerouac
Richard Brautigan
William S. Burroughs
Hunter S. Thompson
Allen Ginsberg
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
psychedelia/ hallucinogenics

C.S. Lewis
Thomas Merton
Alan Watts
Ken Wilbur
Rudolph Steiner
Manly P. Hall
Eastern philosophy & religion
Zachariah Sitchin

Maxfield Parrish
Peter Max
Michael Parks
Salvador Dali
Wyeth (any)
Ralph Steadman
Tasha Tudor
Paolo Soleri
A Pattern Language (Alexander) – any in this series
Buckminster Fuller
alternative building books
Native American/ Indigenous Art

One Straw Revolution (Fukuoka)
anything on permaculture
organic farming
Michelle Small Wright
Stephen Jay Gould
John & Mary Todd

Knife Making
Arms & Armor

tall ships
boat building/ repair
Northwest nautical guides

Fritjof Capra
Douglas Hoffsteader
Richard Feynman
Immanuel Velikovsky

Dr. Seuss
Shel Silverstein
Rainbow Goblins
Roald Dahl
Eric Carle
Beatrix Potter
A.A. Milne (Pooh)
Marguerite Henry
The Black Stallion series
Gene Stratton Porter
Laura Lee Hope
Dana Girls mysteries
Uncle Remus
Joel Chandler Harris
older hardcover Box Car Children series (Warner)
older Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew

­We Avoid buying books with:
Poor Condition
Book Club Books
Hardcovers missing dust jackets
(blank unprinted boards)
Parents Magazine Press
Distracting or messy inscriptions

Role Playing Games
Fantasy Art


Michael’s Books

109 Grand Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98225

Voice 360-733-6272

If you have any other titles or subjects you are seeking, we welcome you to send us lists and we can search our inventory of almost 200,000 books in all subjects.

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