*A One of a Kind Collection of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” Material*

As we approach the 50 year anniversary of the publication of Dune, Michael’s Books is pleased to offer:

*A One of a Kind Collection of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” Material*

Association set of all Dune series books
Signed/Inscribed by Frank Herbert
and a unique archive collection of related material.

This collection includes:

First published story by Herbert in original magazine

First appearance of Dune in print in 9 parts- Analog magazine.

“Firsts Magazine” with cover article on the book “Dune”

Frank Herbert books, signed by author to Peter MacKenzie:
Dune; 1st, 6th, signed 1/16/1977 (day of interview)
Dune Messiah; 1st/3rd, signed 1/16/1977
Children of Dune; 1st/8th, signed 1/16/1977
God Emperor of Dune; 1st/1st, signed 9/27/1985 (less than 6 months before Herbert’s death)
Heretics of Dune; 1st/1st, signed 9/27/1985
Chapterhouse: Dune; 1st/1st, signed 9/27/1985

As well as a collection of related material collected by Peter Mackenzie 1976-1985:
Correspondence to and from Herbert, including 4 typed, hand signed letters
addressed to MacKenzie on Herbert’s stationary.
Photo proofs taken by Don Anderson (rights possible).
Revisions of January 1977 interview of Herbert, conducted by MacKenzie, as well as the article published by View Northwest featuring mentioned interview.
Background materials collected by MacKenzie for the purpose of research and interviewing
MacKenzie’s interview questions, hand written article query and rejection letters addressed to MacKenzie from major periodicals of the time (Rolling Stone, Playboy, Penthouse, New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly) for Mackenzie’s interview with Herbert.
A collection of over thirty article clippings and promotional flyers for Herbert’s
A letter of provenance (ownership history) from Paul MacKenzie ( Peter’s brother) written to suit the buyer.

All in a custom mahogany display box

Avalible for sale and viewing at Michael’s Books -$75,000.00

About the interview with Frank Herbert by Peter MacKenzie.


http://frankherberttheworks.blogspot.com/ see #44

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